Practice Areas


Entertainment Law:

Our office handles a wide variety of matters relating to music, entertainment, and the arts.  We have represented musicians in negotiating management agreements, label contracts, publishing agreements, and employment contracts.  We assist our clients in brand development, copyrighting, trademark, and other intellectual property matters.  We also advise and assist our clients in creating a corporate structure (e.g. LLC) to manage their business efficiently and limit their liabilities.

Corporate Law:

Our clients include a wide variety of small and large businesses.  We provide a full spectrum of services including corporate formation, limited liability company formation, drafting of member, partnership and shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, sale or purchase of a business, finance, and corporate litigation.

Restaurant and Hospitality:

Our restaurant and hospitality lawyers are second to none in assisting clients in New York and New Jersey with all their legal business needs. Our attorneys represent restaurants, night clubs, hotels and other entertainment establishments. Our attorneys have years of experience and knowledge of these industries and strong relationships with local, State and Federal governmental agencies that license, govern and enforce their businesses. We are able to help owners and managers promptly and effectively cut through the red tape to meet their business objectives.

Commercial Litigation:

Our office represents business clients in all types of disputes.  Our focus is on negotiation and settlement, but are always prepared for litigation if necessary.

Landlord-Tenant Law:

We serve both landlords and tenants in all kinds of matters related to Landlord-Tenant law.  We handle lease drafting, review, and negotiation, tenant holdovers, lease interpretation disputes, eviction proceedings, tenant’s rights disputes, landlord’s rights disputes, and litigation related to these issues.

Estate Planning:

Our firm can help you with drafting wills and trusts, as well as estate and probate administration.  If you want to protect your assets and your loved ones, careful estate planning is essential.  We make a seemingly daunting process easy and worry-free.

Immigration Law:

The Law Offices of Aaron H. Pierce provides experienced counsel in immigration law. If you have any immigration related issue including Business Visas, Work related and family-based Immigrant Visas, Waivers, Deportation Hearings, Naturalization Proceedings, Green Cards, Citizenship, and Consular Processing please contact us. Our internationally experienced attorneys understand the complexity and sensitivity of the issues involved and are happy to provide a free case evaluation.

Family Law and Matrimonial Law:

Our attorneys represent clients in family matters and in divorce and separation.  We can draft separation or divorce agreements and we represent our clients in court when necessary.  If you have a family law matter or are considering filing for divorce or separation, we can help.

Criminal and DWI Defense:

Our attorneys have experience defending DWI cases, petit larceny, misdemeanors, minor felonies, and other criminal citations.

Personal Injury

Our office can help you recover compensation if you’ve been injured in an accident.  We handle all types of injuries.  Our attorneys are attentive to your  needs, and we aggressively pursue cases, whether they are being settled out of court or are being litigated in court.

Personal Bankruptcy:

If you are overburdened with debt, be it from judgments, medical bills, credit card debt, job loss, tax debts, housing debts, divorce, or anything else, filing for personal bankruptcy can bring you financial relief. The prospect of bankruptcy can be an unpleasant one, but our firm can help you understand how it might be your best option and take the questions and worry out of the equation.

Debt Collections:

If you are owed money, but are having trouble collecting it, we can help.  We can help you understand your options for collection.  Often, an appropriately worded letter can produce quick response and payment from even the most difficult debtor.  However, if court action is the only way to recover what’s owed to you, we are experienced in such matters, from small to large claims.

Patent Law:

Our office provides expert advice with a wealth of experience in patent creation and defense. We are well versed in patent prosecution and litigation and our attorneys are experienced with writing patent applications, responding to office actions and working with clients in evaluating the scope of their inventions. Previous patent consultation and litigation has been provided in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical Devices, Internet/ E-commerce, Software Development, Clean Energy, Nanotechnology, Materials Manufacturing and Processing, and Semiconductor Technology. For many inventors, this area of law can often be a prohibitively expensive endeavor. The Law Offices of Aaron H. Pierce provides efficient and affordable legal services in patent creation and protection.